More exposure!!!!!

Last Wednesday, the 18th, there was a mini art walk at the Pullman Wednesday Farmer's Market. So I sent some photos with my friend Deb who was also showing some items (along with their usual booth selling yummy organic veggies and some craft goodies she makes). I popped in after work and brought some of my jewelry along to put out.

I sent 3 photos as they were looking for ag related, garden, floral what not items to represent growing things:


Didn't stay too long as hubby was getting hungry and we had to hit the store to pick up stuff for burgers on the grill.

Didn't sell anything, but I did get an email from Deb that the owners of a local winery invited me and the other ladies of the PWA who had art to come on the 20th to display their wares in the tasting room.

So before I left work on Thursday I grabbed the 4 photos I have displayed at my desk and gathered what I have at home and at 6pm on Friday toddled to the Wawawai Canyon Winery to show my photos:





They were having their own Art Walk. I also had my jewelry and sun catchers on display.

It was cool. Had wine, chatted with quite a few folk about my photos and esp about my jewelry. Have one lady interested in the heavier earrings, tho instead of the ear wires she would like to have them on posts. So I will pick up some posts and convert a few to that style (I've been thinking about it anyways but have been working on getting the other style down). Will see about doing that soon.

When I set everything up, I thought it was for one evening, but nope. My photos will be up in their tasting room until the end of August!!!!!


So with luck someone stopping there to sample some very tasty wine will like a photo or two and buy them :)

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