Finally got around to setting up the Can O'Worms I picked up on the latahfreeexchange group last year. Still don't have the right kind of worms for it, but we'd picked up some night crawlers on Sunday to go fishing (and ended up not doing so as I'd left my fishing license at home and I will guarantee that if I tried to fish without it the Fish & Wildlife SWAT team would have had the boat surrounded the minute my line hit the water) and I wanted to stash them somewhere until we can get back out.

Can O'Worms

Dug up a bunch of other worms out of my compost pile to keep them company and to provide some bedding for them. Then I added some onion peelings, tea bags and coffee grounds to give them some food.

Can O'Worms

I will eventually see about getting the proper type of composting worm as night crawlers are not quite right, but they will be handy for grabbing a few for fishing without having to go out back to the compost pile.