My summer has officially started....

Even if the weather is a bit icky today. Had my first 3 day weekend of the summer and had a very enjoyable time.

We accomplished a bit of stuff around the house (one being installing a dual flush kit we scored at Costco for $8 into the toilet. Less water being used now).

Friday we slept in, had coffee and wandered down to Lewiston after getting dressed. Did some shopping and had lunch at Rooster's Waterfront Restaurant. The hubby got the cheese burger with garlic fries:


I had the grilled rosemary chicken with asparagus salad:

grilled chicken

I'm pretty sure I can duplicate the salad, it was VERY yummy and simple. It will be good for supper on hot summer nights.

Saturday, after puttering about the house some more we took in the recycling, hit Winco for some fresh veg for dinner and then went kite flying:




Had tons of fun, got a lot of fresh air and spent a lovely day with my hubby. I also found that taking pictures while flying a kite can be pretty tricky LOL.

By the way, the dragon kite is Rover:


We also learned we are too darned old for sitting on the ground. Next time we take chairs!

Sunday did the bathroom fixes, put a pork roast in the oven for a slow roast at 225F for the after noon and then headed out to hang with the girls for girls day out. First it was with friends, we sat and chatted and drank tea and had a lovely time. Have to do more of that.

Then it was off to PWA for the monthly get together and meeting. Took my Hippie Dippy Hippie that is going to be in the Beyond Retro show at Mikey's Gyros downtown from today thru Artwalk 2012.

Then it was home to slow roast pork sandwiches (at least for hubby) with homemade mayo.

Got several of my webpages updated with the Indiegogo campaign and the Google shop gadget for my jewelry and art. Now I need to work on more ways to advertise and get the word out.

All in all, a very lovely weekend.