Looking forward to the weekend

It is supposed to be nice. I am hoping to open up the house some more, if only during the day. Maybe even get the kitty window open so I don't have to keep letting them in and out.

Got some ideas for gardening. Saw a way cool idea on Facespace for using rain gutters for planters. I have extra gutters and the wire shelves I have on the outside of my porch aren't quite cutting it (can't get them level and my pots try and slide off). SO I will pull those and use the gutters instead for my salad greens and herbs. The gutters are bright white, may look at picking up some spray paint suitable for plastics and see about some cool colors (and since I want to spray paint the plastic buckets I use for container gardening, that would be perfect). GO for a very colorful garden in more ways then one!

Planning a dump run tomorrow. Tried last week, but when we got there discovered they only took cash or checks, neither of which we had (we are pretty sure we are over the 500 lb limit to dump for free). So we turned around and headed home. Pretty silly I think, who the heck carries cash or checks anymore since hardly anyone in this town takes checks anymore. Everyone uses plastic. Ah well, we'll get the one load out and add some more and may make a 2nd run.

Been looking at ways to sell my stuff online. As mentioned previously, Etsy is out since I refuse to have anything to do with Paypal. Looked into Google checkout and still haven't made up my mind on it, online reviews of it are pretty mixed leaning towards the negative. What I would like is Etsy without Paypal since something like it makes it easy to get seen. Looked at Amazon shops and Yahoo shops. Both too expensive to think about right now.

Working on trying to get a Kickstarter project going to expand my recycled computer jewelry and art. While I can do webdesign, I am pretty basic and I would like to get a professionally designed page to merge my Zazzle and Purple Ducky jewelry/art sites. So I am getting that proposal written up. Still need to do a short vid for it and then I will submit it and hope it is accepted and people would want to invest in me. I will post about it later.