I have conquered glass noodles!

glass noodles with spinach and beef

Finally ot the technique of soaking them in hot water long enough to be edible. I am a bit addicted to them. The other day I tossed a chunk o'beef on the grill and soaked some glass noodles (cellophane noodles or simply mung bean noodles) and then tossed those with some spinach, olive oil and a dash of sesame oil. Re-heated very nicely for lunch the next day.

Now that I have the method down (knock on wood) I will see about expanding my GF noodle repertoire for deliciousness noodles, esp noodles for pad thai which are still hit and miss when I try and cook them. Now I need to see what noodle recipes are on the intrwebz and see what I cn come up with to avoid falling into a cooking rut.