Is it Friday yet???????

Busy weekend. Had to go up to Spokane on Friday so hubby could get an MRI done, so we puttered about that day. Hit TJ's while we were there and I picked up 3 more bottles of Two Buck Chuck (2 white zins and a merlot), a bottle of their 21 Seasoning Salute and a bottle of their Everyday Spice. Used the 21 spice on some chicken I ground myself in the food processor to make my tacos last. Very yummy. It is a no salt seasoning. The other has sea salt and a variety of spices and comes in its own grinder. Also hit the Mexican grocery and picked up soem of the Goya adobe spices in glavors (lemon pepper and bitter orange). SO we are now seriously herbed and spiced for a while.

Uploaded more pictures to Costco Friday night and picked them up when we went to Lewiston/Clarkston on Saturday for more shopping. 3 black&whites and one color. All 8X10s and I got them matted and mounted on Sunday. SO I am all set to hang them at the Gritman Wellness Center the end of the month. My first showing! WHEEEEEEEEE!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Sundays are my art day, but I wasn't ready to do anything, so we ran the recycling in and did some shopping. I picked up some hanger thingies for my photos, problem is I want the nice tab ones that stick on and are clear. Best I could find are the cloth ones with super sticky and hooks. So got those and will cut the hooks off. Not as professional a look as I would like, but the hangers I do want would be $12 for a box of 100 and $9 shipping. I am NOT paying that much money on such a small item.

Once we got home I made snausages and we watched the race. Not an exciting race, but after the races at Daytona last week, nice uneventful races were what I was needing. While watching I got my pictures mounted, matted and bagged. I will put the hangers on later (I may find the kind I want in the meantime).