January is almost over

and February is almost here. Which means Spring is getting closer and closer (and it is now 26 days until DAYTONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Time to start thinking garden. I want to get some very early greens going and I think I have a way to do it inside without the kitties deciding the greens are all theirs. Just need to gather up everything I need and set up on the top of the upright deep freeze and hang a grow light. I've got all the seeds I will need for spinach and salad greens and I should be good to go. Will have to start work on that this weekend.

Really getting the hang of the gluten free thing, still haven't found a real good substitute for bread, so until then I've pretty much given up on my beloved grilled cheese sammmies. The breads I make are tasty, but just a bit too sweet and moist to make a decent grilled cheese. When the budget allows I will look at what Udi's and others offer for bread and see if anyone is close.

Going to expand my culinary repertoire into more vegetarian cooking, would like to do a veggie dinner at least 2 nights a week. Still have to find a falafel recipe that works. No matter what I do, the minute the patties or balls hit the lightly oiled griddle, they start to fall apart. The flavor is good tho, hubby still isn't sure of the texture. Will look at how they come out baked, he might like them better that way and I can also cook a lot of them with not so much hassle.

Just puttering along for now, working on getting pics printed and matted so I can display them publicly. I've got 4 done so far, need to get at least 4 more done in time for March. I'll be showing them at Gritman's Wellness center, still need to find out the actual dates so I can have them ready in time and also get it posted everywhere I can think of LOL!