Happy New Year everyone (3 days late LOL!)

It was very nice to start the new year with a furnace that won't burn the house down. We did have to go with a down graded model, the code for the wiring has changed since the place was built and the wiring was no longer rated for a 15 watt model and we couldn't swing an extra grand to pay for upgrading the wiring. So we went with a 13 watt model. Does the job and we'd always supplemented the electric heat with the kerosene heaters anyways when it got super cold. We did pick up a small electric heater that will fill in any gaps if need be.

Took the tree down on Monday, the living room is no longer sparkly :( Will have to see about some new decor ideas to spruce the place up. New window treatments to start I think. Just have to figure out what. I will finish ripping out the living room carpeting this summer and then see what I can come up with for a floor treatment.

Still playing with MyPaint. Having fun with it and starting to get the hang of it. Need to see if there are more brushes for it I can add. So far my favorite are the watercolor brushes.I do admit tho, the cloud brush really makes doing clouds a lot easier LOL!

On the Purple Ducky Designs front I am still ticking along. Sales thru my Zazzle shop are doing good and I have been designing earrings and pendants to sell locally (still need to find a venue to sell them trhu). I am working on pins, but haven't found an adhesive that works well on the bits and bobs of hard drives I am using. Hot glue only holds for so long and while the super glue seems to work, all reports I've seen online from other people who do jewelry is that is gets brittle after a while.

Need to get a few more photos printed out and mounted. I want to see about getting them displayed locally. I also need to see about taking lots more that are suitable for showing.