How'd the heck did it get to be December already?!?!?!?!?!

Shouldn't have blinked :P

Ah well, the year is almost over and then it will be next year, but then it will be this year. It is like there is today and tomorrow, but when tomorrow gets here it is today, so tomorrow never actually arrives.

Gotta get more caffeine, my brain is derailing.

My sister in law and her hubby are coming in today for a few days visit. He'll help hubby work on the cars (and maybe figure out why the van isn't running) and she will do my hair. Hubby is bound and determined I will be a serious red head. In order to have the color he wants will involved a serious bit of work and I hope I still have hair when it is done (my hair isn't in the best of shape thanks to the thyroid issue). We'll see, good think I like hats.

Got the last of the turkey day leftovers into the freezer last night. Gotta start using what is in there as both of them are seriously over flowing. I still have to turn the two carcasses into stock and there really isn't room for the containers I need to stash when I am done.

Sales thru my Purple Ducky Designs shop have really picked up, I am glad. Still need to figure out how to sell my recycled earrings and mobiles online. Been looking into Google Checkout and will probably look at that after the new year on a trial basis to see how it goes. I still have to figure out things like shipping and sale tax.

Will start decorating for the holidays next week.