Probably should post something

Yeah, I've been a bad blogger, haven't really felt like writing anything on any of my blogs. Whenever I think I will post I just get "meh!" and find something else to do.

So it is count down to Turkey day. We'll be picking up fixin's tonight. Since my mom and brother aren't coming out (after last years snow disaster they decided to play it safe this year and stay home) it will just be me, hubby and a friend. Also decided for a stripped down menu: turkey, gravy, stuffing/dressing, mashed potato, one maybe two other sides and dessert. Okay, probably isn't as stripped down from other years, but not planning on making quite as much of everything (except the turkey and gravy). I have LOTS of turkey/chicken stock from cleaning out the deep freeze and throwing all the poultry carcasses and bits and pieces into the stock pot last week. I'll be making a GF cornbread stuffing for the bird and a regular bread dressing in the crockpot for hubby.

The snow we've had the last couple days isn't bad, esp after what we had this time last year. Is supposed to rain for the next few days, so will not complain. Rum Tum has been a happy kitten.

Still working on making things out of computer parts. I have enough to make ornaments to sell at the Winter Market in a couple weeks. A friend has a table there I will share. I have enough earrings for now, so will only make those if I can get my hands on more laptop hard drives.

Need to see about getting some of my photos printed out and lay my hands on some mats so I can sell them locally with my earrings and light catchers. Will have to order the mat materials online. There is one site with ready made mats, backings and bags I am looking at ordering from when I can.