Dad blasted cold!

is insisting on hanging on :( Just enough to make me slightly miserable with a runny nose and an annoying cough. Seems to be this year's bug de jure.

Had some business cards printed up the other day for Purple Ducky Designs. I'm using the gallery addy since I've expanded into jewelry and art pieces. I figure that is a good site for people to then get to my shop page. Came out nice, but will tweak things a bit for the next batch. Text is a little smaller then I would like.

Need to finish getting ready for Women's Arts and Crafts Fair (Women's Works) on Saturday (10am-5pm Eastside Market Place in Moscow). I need to come up with something to display the light catchers on and get more made. I'm pretty much out of materials for the earrings. Need to get more hard drives to take apart. Tried to talk our computer guy here at the library into letting me have all the dead ones he has, but no go. He takes them apart and does things of his own with them.

Need to figure out how I will sell my earrings and things after Women's Work. I looked into Etsy, but they use PayPal and I don't do PayPal. I would like to be able to do internet sales, but need a place that will handle all the money transactions that does it with something other then PayPal.

Have to see what other venues are available locally I can sell thru. Need to check with some of the other ladies in the artists group to see what they do.