Count down continues

Got the fixin's for turkey day last night. Picked up a 23# bird and tossed it in the tub with cold water over night to get the thaw started. It is now half frozen in the fridge.

Haven't decided if I will start any other prep tonight, maybe look at doing the corn bread for the stuffing to give it time to dry out a bit before putting it together tomorrow so it will just be a matter of pulling it from the fridge and stuffing the bird on Thursday.

So the menu has finalized:

Turkey shot with tequila and lime with corn bread stuffing
slow cooker dressing
mashed potatoes
baked yams
GF puffs
gravy, lots and lots of gravy
pumpkin pie with whipped cream

My neighbor gave me some pumpkin so will not be using the canned variety. Should make for an interesting pie. I've a GF pie crust recipe I like so will use that.

Trying my hand at making jerky with ground elk for a friend. She'd gotten an elk first day of bow season and we've been the recipient of some of the ground elk. She gave hubby 5#s to turn into jerky and that is in the fridge with soy sauce, pepper and a bit extra salt. I'll start it tonight in the dehydrator. She wants it very peppery so will sprinkle on more black pepper when I get it into the trays. If it turns out well that means I can look at making our own using cheap ground beef so we can have some on hand for munchies.