Dreary Hump Day

But at least the week is half over.

Discovered another leak in the hallway ceiling the hard way. Stepping into a cold puddle of water when you aren't really awake and haven't and any coffee is NOT the way to start the morning. SO I mopped up, grabbed the wet book (of course it HAD to be over the book shelves) to set up to dry and grab a bucket. Have to get up and figure out where the leak is this time and get it fixed as best we can.

Had my first ever gluten free beer last night. We'd stopped at the Co-op to pick up some chicken breasts they had on sale and discovered they had some gluten free beers. So we grabbed a couple of bottles, one called Redbridge from Anheuser-Bush and the other from New Planet. Decided to start with the Redbridge and hold the New Planet for another night.

The Redbridge wasn't bad, it had a nice beery taste, tho not quite the full flavor I am used to from regular beer. It was also a little bit sweet, not off puttingly so for me tho I have a friend who had tried it previously and found it too sweet for her. Can't wait to try the New Planet to see how it compares. Once I've tried a number of different GF beers I will start looking for ingredients to make my own this winter.

So I have a new to me gas grill we scored off the Moscowfreeexchange. It is bigger and needs a little work (one burner isn't working as well as it should) and is missing the upper rack, but it is making grilling a lot easier as I am not burning things quite like I had been. If we can't find a home with someone who likes to fix up old, not functioning well grills I will be taking the old one into the scrappers so it can be remade into something else. The big test will be burgers to see if I can grill them without ending up with charcoal hockey pucks.

I brought my tomatoes inside a couple of weeks ago and they are much happier and I am getting some ripe tomatoes:



Can't wait until I have enough to do something with. I'll be saving the seeds as these are heirlooms and I want to grow them again next year (and hopefully the growing season won't be so weird).