Well, fishing from the boat is definitely out this year

Found a place that could get us the tires and tubes for the boat trailer, but when they attempted to put them on the first rim this happened:

Boat trailer tire rim

Boat trailer tire rim

The tire and tube were rated to 65 lbs of pressure, the rim made it to 20 and then exploded. Good thing we hadn't just inflated the old tube and try and take it out to the lake.


We knew the rim was not in great shape, but everyone thought we probably could get a another season out of them.

Nope :(

We've been trying to find replacement rims, but no one makes the spindle and cotter pin rim anymore and the spindle is 1/2 inch to narrow to take the adapter. Any fixes would cost more then what we paid for the trailer, boat AND two motors!

At least we haven't tagged the boat yet this year.