Oy, I think summer has finally arrived.

Didn't get a whole heck of a lot done this weekend, too darned hot. I think Saturday was spent not moving as much as possible and running every fan in the place, plus taking advantage of the AC in the bedroom. We'd hoped to get some fishing done, but too hot for that.

Needless to say, not much got cooked either, tho I tried out some teff flour pancakes for breakfast yesterday. Tolerable, very simple recipe, needs to be seriously tweaked to make them better. The recipe made quite a few, so the extras are stashed in the deep freeze. May look at a bread application for those.

Took some pictures and wrote up more reviews for my review blog. I do like the scheduled post feature, I can write things up and then have them post at a later date. By having things post every other day or so I have about 2 weeks worth of posts ready to go. Now I just need to keep coming up with things to review LOL!

We did manage to get a bit done on Sunday. We finally started ripping down the damaged ceiling. We had some serious water leakage in one corner over the last couple of years, managed to get it slowed down with snow coating part of the roof last year. We discovered there was no vapor barrier and the only thing between the fiberglass pink insulation and the metal skin of the roof was a sheet of 1/4 inch press board. Which disintegrated on touch when we poked it.


So next years project will be to tear out ceilings (starting in the bedroom, tho there are places in the living room that need it) and properly seal everything up, get some of that way cool expanding foam insulation we see on the DIY shows and put up a ceiling that is better then that 1070s crap they have in there now. We half considered trying for this year now that we know what is up there, but we have too many other projects that need to get done (like finishing the snow coating of the roof). In the meantime we sprayed the heck out of all the places we opened up (we've big hold above the bed where we found more rotted press board and a couple cracked rafter beams, now braced with metal strips) with bleach to forestall anymore mold growing in those spots.

My tomatoes are tooling along and I have more dirt in my raised bed. No sign of the walking onions as yet, but I have hope.