How I spent my 50th birthday


My very sneaky and lovable hubby surprised me with a trip. We've been wanting to go, but never really got around to it for one reason or another.

He'd told me he had planned on a fishing trip up to Lake Pend O'Reille which I was looking forward to. Haven't been fishing up there in a long time. His original plan was to not tell me at all until we turned into the park, but then he realized that the logistics for going to a theme park are completely different then going fishing. So he spilled the beans when we woke up Sunday morning.

Needless to say I was a VERY happy birthday girl LOL!!!!!!! So we got up, showered, coffeed, packed up what we would need and headed out.

Got to Silverwood just after they opened at 11 am and got a parking space (hubby has a handicapped placard so we didn't have to wait in the LONG line for regular parking and managed to get one of the last open spaces they had) and got ready for the park.

We brought Ms Ella:

Ms Ella at Silverwood Theme Park

and the first thing we did was get these way cool cups. They were about $9 or so and free refills all day Sunday. Well worth the cost since we drank more then the cups cost if we were paying regular prices. If we remember to take them next time we go refills are 99 cents.

Next thing we did was hop the train:

Ms Ella at Silverwood Theme Park

Train ride

It is a great way to see the park and the rest of the grounds:

Train ride

They stop about half way for water at an old mine:

Stopping to take on water

and a train robbery:

Train robbery

Train robbery

The deputy saves the day and the stolen money goes to charity:

Train robbery

I was SOOOOO happy!

Happy camper :D

After the train ride we wandered thru the park and I hit my first roller coaster (I will now have to say my pics are out of order, I was so excited to be there I didn't get a lot of pics of rides early on):

The Cork Screw

The Cork Screw

The Cork Screw

I left the hubby with Ms Ella and all my camera gear (Ms Ella was too short to ride and I didn't think my camera would survive) and I hopped on the first roller coaster that I've been on in almost 20 years.


I was a seriously happy camper when I got off, tho rather woozy and couldn't walk straight. I had just discovered I can't do coasters that have ANY inverting to them :(

But who cares, IT WAS A BLAST!

After re-couping a bit we found some lunch. I decided that I would wait until later in the day before tackling anymore rides, so we wandered back to the car to re-charge the camcorder and leave Ms Ella as we were headed to the water park next.

SOOOOOO much fun. It was great, all sorts of people and body shapes and sizes. We rented a locker to stash our stuff and changed into suits and headed for the wave pool. I've swum in oceans and am used to waves, but I danged near drowned a few times in the wave pool. Stayed in for a couple of cycles and then out to rest and dry off. Have to make sure hubby doesn't get burned, so after people watching for a while we got dressed and back into the main park and on to the rides.

Next ride I did was Panic Plunge. We have video that hubby took, but I haven't processed it yet. Since it was also an intense ride I left my camera with hubby since I didn't really know what to expect.


I've been wanting to do free fall, but short of throwing myself off a cliff and then having to deal with the sudden SPLAT at the bottom, I haven't been able to (no way in HECK am I trusting a big rubber band to keep me from splatting, so bungee jumping is right out!). The Panic Plunge is great, tho it is over too fast.

A bit more wandering and then it was onto Tremors. No pics of it except this one of Ms Ella in front of a section:

Ms Ella at Silverwood Theme Park

Line was about 20 minutes long (we lucked out on Sunday, Friday and Saturday they'ed broken attendance records) and again I left everything with hubby. Got in the car and ran into a tiny problem.....

Couldn't latch the &^^$%# seat belt. It was an inch too short. Looked at the attendant and said it wasn't going to work. He looked at me and said the belts on the seats behind me were longer and we asked the couple behind me if we could trade. They said yes, we did and with a little help from the attendant, got the belt latched (kept trying to latch it with my shirt in the mechanism). The bar came back and I was secured in the car and off we went.

I went hoarse from screaming it was such a blast. I knew there were tunnels we plunged into, I thought there were only a couple. I lost count as I was too busy whooping and screaming and having fun. It also went on longer then I thought it would from watching the cars come and go when I was waiting in line.

After stumbling off the ride and finding the hubby I sat on the bench with my head between my knees. My inner ear was getting a bit cranky. I still had Timber Terror to do. After a while I finally came to the conclusion I had enough high intensity rides and Timber Terror was going to have to wait for another trip up. Aftershock is right out, there is no way I can do any rides that involve going backwards.

So we decided to wander back towards the entrance, taking our time and watching people on the other rides. Picked up some really cool glow in the dark souvenirs (a couple ray guns and a light saber-type thing). Pics of those later when I get a chance to do so.

We ended up leaving a bit earlier then planned, a bit before 8pm, we'd planned to leave at closing, but I was very tired and very foot sore. I managed to pull up a blood blister on my big right toe from my tennie runners, I changed into Crocs after the water park and got a band aid put on at the 1st aid office. I was also getting blisters on my left foot.

So we decided to quite while we were still alive LOL!

Here is a slide show of all the pics I managed to get:

I am still a bit sore, the bruises are looking pretty spectacular now and I am still so very, very happy my hubby came up with the best way to spend a 50th birthday.