What I've been up to

Sorry for being a bit MIA of late, just haven't been up for blogging of late. Weather being so erratic hasn't helped much :P

So we popped over to the Portland area a week ago, some friends needed some computer work and we needed to get away for a while. Had a very nice time, stayed with my mom a couple nights coming and going, giving serious consideration of maybe moving out that a way in the next couple of years. Lots in the plus column, not sure tho if they can outweigh the lots in the minus column. Have to see, need to make a few more trips out there.

Did a bit of shopping, took Ms Ella to OMSI

Ms Ella goes to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

(the hubby and I had fun seriously geeking out) and I hit Penzeys and Bob's Red Mill.

Last Friday I attended my very first artist's reception. I have a "book" in the Palouse Women Artists "Books" show at Safari Pearl. Wore a really cute dress I got at Torrid in Portland with some really cute textured stockings. So I guess I am officially a real life artists LOL!

Other then that, I have just been puttering along. Need to get into gear and start getting some things done, like paintnig the shed, finish painting the trailer, rebuilding the utility trailer and painting the boat (which still needs to get tagged for this year). Going to go out at lunch today and get my fishing license so I can get more fish for the freezer and try using my gas grill as a smoker (MMMMMM smoked trout!)

So, puttering onwards.