Very disappointed

Had a couple of thunderstorms roll in last night and both petered out before they got good. Some rain, some lightning and boomers, but not anything spectacular. It has been a long time since we've had a decent thunderstorm.

On the plus side it is a bit cooler today. Not used to it suddenly being so warm, it has just been a weird year for weather.

When we were down in Lewiston this last weekend I hit Cash and Carry and picked up a BIG can of coconut milk. 96 ounces worth for $9.99. Works out to a little over 7 cents an ounce, compared to the 10 cents an ounce for the 14 oz can of the same brand and I don't even want to think how much the next brand up was as it was double the price of the other. Picked up some freezer containers and I poured off the coconut milk and stashed it in the freezer. Pulled on out to thaw last night and used it for dinner. Worked out pretty well.

Dinner last night was Panang curry pork and chickpeas over rice noodles. Very filling and I have lunch for today and tomorrow.

I do need to sit down and finally take an inventory of my pantries and freezers and get organized. I've a few things in the deep freeze that either needs to be used or dumped. I am thinking I will take the strawberries I have in there and pop them onto the dehydrator so hubby could have dried strawberries in his morning oatmeal to give him some more variety. I'm thinking I may have some partial bags of other fruit buried in there to that will get the same treatment. Maybe some veggies too.

Of course that means I really need to get my pantries organized, with all the new flours and other things I need for I have containers taking over my counters and any other flat space I might have. Heck, I just need a bigger kitchen LOL!  I need more storage space!

Ah well, put it on my to do list with the zillion other things I need to do around the house.