Oy! What a weekend

Helped out Friday night at Relay for Life. Was a bit concerned because the weather was pretty icky on Friday, snowed at least once. But the weather got better and tho a bit chilly, not bad at all. We were up til midnight and then up again to be back on site for a while about 6:30 am.

Hit Shari's for breakfast and then home and back to bed for a while. Puttered about when we got up, but mostly watched TV.

Saturday night we went out to our friend's farm for Beltaine. Had a flippy circle with lots of laughter, planting of spring bulbs, tasty cakes & ale and then a bon fire. A wonderful evening all together.

Beltaine bonfire

Sunday I gathered up Ms Ella and we wandered up to the new Arboretum at the university. We wandered about, I took TONS of pictures and we watched the painted turtles sunning themselves or swimming. Watched a pair of Canadian geese and their gooselets. Enjoyed the sun (when it wasn't behind the clouds.

Ms Ella at the Arboretum

Afterwards I stopped at the cemetery. I like old tombstones and as a kid used to do rubbings. Now I prefer to take pictures using the black and white setting on my camera since rubbings wear down the stone.


This one made me very sad, poor thing was not even 2 years old when she passed away so very long ago. It was very beautiful at the cemetery on Sunday.

Picked up some steaks and corn to toss on the grill for Sunday dinner. Made plenty so I had leftovers for lunch today: