Hump day

and I start my summer of 3 day weekends this Friday. YAY!!!!!!!!

Also started my 8am-5pm schedule, which means that 6am is coming rather rudely in the morning. But the extra time in the evening is nice.

Still cruising  gluten free, have had a couple of oopses and accidently glutenated myself, but not too badly. Getting a lot of baking and such figured out, just need to get the results to look as good as they taste LOL! I want to make some more cooking videos, but I need the end results to look good for the camera. Getting there.

Decided to give roasted chickpeas a try this weekend. Quick soaked some chickpeas, tossed them with olive oil and a couple packets of ranch dressing mix and roasted them:

roasted chickpeas

Need to work on them a bit, some got a bit too roasted and I think next time I will go for an overnight soak to make sure the chickpeas are soft enough before roasting. Tasty tho.

I really do need to get back on top of getting things in the freezer for lunch. Have had to wing it a few times and I can only be so creative with the limited supplies I have. Today wasn't too bad, brought some fish a friend gave me and cooked it up in the microwave and then topped it with butter and oregano.

fish lunch

Very yummy, have to do that more often for lunch.

Getting tired of the weather, I want lots of warm days and sunshine. Esp since I want to get something resembling a garden going. Ground is to soaked to do anything right now. Looks like I will be doing a lot of container gardening. Hopefully I can get something started this weekend.