Week almost half over


Had an appointment today to go over my recent thyroid levels. Things are looking good, we'd up my meds 5mgs so that is working and we'll keep it there for the time being. Won't have to check again until June.

Week started off sucky, had a dentist appointment first thing in the morning. Just the way I wanted to start my week, teeth cleaning. But everything was looking lots better and it is finally time to get a couple tiny cavities taken care of, so will have that done the end of the month.

At least the weekend was good. We did dinner with friends on Saturday night, Moroccan themed. I made some gluten free garlic naan (okay, not Moroccan, but it was a flat bread) and a leg of lamb:

gluten free naan

Leg of lamb

The lamb was presented on a bed of saffron rice. Our friends also made flat bread along with a yummy lentil soup, a raw veggie salad marinated in vinegar and goat cheese and herb stuffed eggplant rolls.

Oh Great Goddess it was all so good. We split up the leftovers and I had a couple days of very yummy lunch. I'd also made a yogurt sauce with dried mint leaves and a splash of lemon juice to go with the lamb.

I peeled off the rest of the lamb to make fried rice with the leftover saffron rice and lamb:

Lamb fried rice

That did us for dinner and a couple lunches. I'll pop the stripped down lamb bone into the oven to roast and then into the crock pot it will go to make the basis for lentil soup this weekend.

The only bad thing about cooking this weekend is I managed to burn my right arm on a baking sheet. Managed to burn an old scar from a kitty cat gouge I'd gotten a few years ago. Skin over scar tissue burns and peels differently then normal skin tissue.


Oh well, I figure I have pleased the kitchen gods if I manage some kind of sacrifice and happy for myself if it doesn't involve any amount of blood LOL!

Scrapper is starting to perk up some. I gave him some wet cat food last night and he tucked right in. He was also jumping up and down off the bed with very little trouble during the night. This morning he wandered out to the kitchen for breakfast (more wet food) and sat and watched us while we had our morning coffee. He wandered back to bed when we left. Hopefully he should be totally back to his perky old self soon (but he still grounded for life!).