I love naan!

I have been loving the gluten-free naan recipe I got form a friend a while back. Not only is it great as naan, it is versatile.

As an accompaniment for that yummy lentil soup I made with stock from a lamb bone:

lentil soup & GF garlic naan

Topped with white American cheese, ham and blue cheese and then popped under the broiler for a very yummy lunch:

naan with ham & cheese

Now it is my go to recipe for when I want pizza. Hubby loved it so much he kept wanting to eat it long after he was painfully full!

Hubby's pizza made with garlic Alfredo sauce and topped with Canadian bacon, crimini mushrooms and cheese:

ham & mushroom GF pizza

Mine with tomato sauce with garlic, rosemary, oregano, red pepper flakes sauteed in olive oil topped with pepperoni, criminis and cheese:

pepperoni & mushroom GF pizza

Mine was extra thick crust, still working on splitting the dough into equal batches. Hubby's pizza was the perfect thickness and texture he loves. He isn't a crispy crust fan. I added Johnny's garlic seasoning to the crust. Will use Italian seasonings next time. I want to make a couple batches so I can have some stashed in the freezer so I can have quick dinners. The dough doesn't take too long to make from scratch, but I want some on hand for week nights and quick dinners.

I pre-baked the crust a bit before topping it. I probably could have topped it without pre-baking, but this allowed the crust to rise a bit and dry off the water still on it from spreading it out with my fingers. The dough is still pretty sticky even tho I use less milk. I think I could have rolled it out using rice flour to keep things from sticking, but didn't want to go that far. Patting it out onto the baking sheets was faster and less mess.