I finished taking the tree down last night. Still have to finish packing up all the decorations and get them back in the closet.

Living room looks really depressing right now. Need to get the new lights strung up to brighten the place up. Just have to decide if I am going to do them in a pattern or not.

Went to slide the coffee table back against the wall and reached down to grab what I thought was a bit of moss off the tree.


Spent about 5 minutes doing the "OOOOO! ICK!!!!! ACK!!!!!!" dead mouse dance, minus the screaming. No wonder the kitties had been spending a lot of time back there. I just wish they had either brought the mouse out where I could have seen it and had warning, or at least have eaten the dratted thing. I scooped it up with a plastic bag and got it in the garbage outside, then spent 5 miuntes in the bathroom with hot water, alcohol and soap washing my hands. I can usually grab up dead critters with no problems, but I need to know ahead of time I am grabbing a dead critter.

With luck this was the mouse hubby saw in the kitchen the other day so I won't have any more surprises.

Ah well, you live with cats, you gotta be ready for anything.