Fun and joy of gluten free

or actually a royal pain in the tuckus! It is amazing where they hide gluten in foods, so being able to read labels is a must so grocery shopping takes longer at the moment. Having to learn all the ways they will list gluten can be overwhelming. I'm still getting up to speed on that.

Been collecting a lot of online resources, recipes and tips and such. One is Gluten-Free Girl, who I've linked to for quite a while under my foodie bloggers list. Had the library order her and her hubby The Chef's book for the collection. Got some pretty tasty looking recipes I am planning on trying. I'll be putting some fo the websites on my food links list when I get a chance.

Speaking of books, checked Bette Hagman's Gluten-free Gourment: living well without wheat. A friend sent me a whole bunch of GF products and I had just about everything I needed to make the yeast pizza dough from the book. Just had to buy a carton of egg whites (okay, I could have separated some eggs, but I didn't feel like having to deal with yolks right away) and I got to mixing.

The recipe was pretty simple, just had to make sure I did everything in order. The dough was pretty sticky and once spread out on the baking sheets could be topped right away. Most GF pizza crusts require pre-baking them. I let them rise in a warm oven for about 20 minutes, then topped them. Made two identical pizzas, tho one I made thicker then the other to see if there was a difference in the crusts. The thinner crust was pretty good, but hubby and I both preferred the thicker crust. Next time I will see about weighing the crusts to get thicknesses of each one the same.

I've been checking out various GF products, some of which I have mentioned in other posts. Some I've really liked, others were good, but not to my tastes.

Tinkyaga pasta - LOVE it. The hubby loves it to, so I can make spaghetti a lot more often (hubby doesn't care for regular pasta, so he would have something different for dinner when I HAD to have my spaghetti fix). The really nice thing about this pasta is it is made to handle being over cooked a little bit, but I have yet to do that.

Pamela's Products Baking & Pancake Mix - Makes pretty decent pancakes, but just not quite what we liked. Both the hubby and I prefer the Kinnikinnick pancake mix. The Pamela's will do in a pinch tho. Haven't tried the other recipes on the bag. Planning on getting some sausage this weekend and making biscuits and gravy. I've also tried their pizza crust mix. Only problem I had was my oven cooked hotter then it should have (note to self, get an oven thermometer and check it) and burnt the crusts a bit. Luckily not to bad and they were quite tasty.

Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta - OH YUM!!!!!! Made stove top mac and cheese the other day and I couldn't tell the difference. This pasta does need more minding then the Tinkyada pasta since it is easy to overcook if you aren't paying attention. But the results are worth it.

Bob's Red Mill - seriously can't wait to get out to Portland the next time and make a pilgrimage to their store. I've been very happy with all their products I've tried so far. Their pizza crust mix is very good, I liked the flavor of their bread mix (even if it didn't hold up well as stuffing for turkey) and I've been happy with the quality of their GF flours I have tried so far. Their baking mix is pretty good also.

Kinnikinnick - As mentioned before, LOVE their pancake mix. Have to try some of their other products. I just hope I can find it at the Co-op, a quick check of their website only shows one store down in Lewiston that sells it.

Still have to clear out my pantry of all the products I can't eat that hubby doesn't like. I'll still keep things on hand he likes (hamburger helper stuff, etc for quick meals and snacks for him) so he won't feel too deprived of some things. This will give me a chance to see about getting my pantries organized again.