Today was the library Christmas Party, so I broke out a gluten free cake mix. We'd also bought a box of GF cookie mix so we could have peanut butter cookies for dessert last night.


I started with the cake from Namaste since it would need to cool so I could frost it. Mixed it in my Kitchenaid with water, 3 eggs and veggie oil and into a baking dish it went


Baked for 35 minutes and out of the oven it came:


It smelled heavenly and I was hard pressed not to dig in right then and there. I made a glaze of milk, powered sugar and some of the candy I'd tried making the other day with was mostly powered sugar, coconut and cocoa. Made a very nice glaze which I poured over the cooling cake after poking a few holes with a fork


It was a hit at the party with the other gluten free folk and quite a few people who aren't. Very tasty and moist and rich. Have to see about other cake mixes they might have. A plus is that the company is out of Coeur d'Alene ID, so it is practically a local company!

Once the cake was out of the oven, I set to work on the cookies. The Hodgson Mill mix had instructions for several different types of cookies, so we opted for peanut butter. I used some of my homemade peanut butter:


They were delish, tho the texture wasn't quite right. Not bad, but rather delicate and very crumbly. Have to figure out how to fix that the next time. But they were cookies and I was happy to have cookies again.

Need to wrap Christmas prezzies for family tonight so we can get them shipped in the next day or so. Still have to start decorating the house.