Still snow

Tho thankfully is is not as cold as it had been over Thanksgiving week. Quite pretty out this morning:

snow 12-3-10

Scrapper wasn't a terribly happy kitty:

Scrapper in the snow

He doesn't like having cold paws.

The switch over to gluten free is pacing along. I could seriously kill for a sandwich tho. I need to either find someplace that sells GF sandwich bread, with luck Udi's, which comes highly recommended, or find a good recipe and make my own. In the meantime I will look at a package of the Bob's I used for the stuffing and try it using the non-bread maker instructions. Still need to make a foray into the Co-op to see what they have on offer.

Planning on hauling out the decorations this weekend and decorate the living room for Yule. Still need to see about getting a tree and then figuring out where the heck I am going to put it. Hmmmm, just had an idea and I need to make sure I don't get a tree taller then 5 ft.

Got the Tig in this morning for breakfast. Couldn't get him in last night. Since the other boys were out, he didn't have to share his canned food with them. Have to pick up more tho, that was the last bit. He still isn't willing to walk thru the door on his own, but he didn't run away from me this morning when I stepped out to get him. He also waited patiently for me to let him out when we left for work. So we are getting there. Soon we will see about getting him edited and should be a lot easier to get him to stick around more (and not get into fights with Yellow Cat, who hasn't been edited at all).