Ready for the holidays

Ook is getting into the holiday spirit!

Ready for the holidays

Finally broke out the decorations this weekend, had to excavate the office so I could get to the closet. I've some lights and garland up. Still need to do a little more (I've only 2 strands of lights up, still have at least 3 more to put up).

Got prezzies shipped off to my mom's on Saturday. Post Office should be delivering them tomorrow, so that is done for the year.

Celebrated Yule on Saturday and then later went to a friend's party to visit for a while and then home to crash. Just can't do the party rounds like we used to LOL!

Sunday was excavate the office and decorate. Had some friends over Sunday night to watch movies. Introduced them to William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick & Nora with the Thin Man movie. Very enjoyable. They want to see the rest of the series, so we'll be having more movie nights.