Thank the Ghodz it is all over, at least for a while

If I had to hear or see one more campaign ad I was going to go postal, and I usually can avoid them either zipping thru them or hitting the mute button! Bad enough they are on all the time, but dammit! I want them OFF THE AIR on election day! People usually have made up their minds and running the &%^$# on election day isn't going to change any.

But at least the commercials are back to the usual inane crap they usually run and it is easier to ignore them.

So I voted 1st thing Tuesday morning and woke up Wednesday morning to find that Latah County at least had some sense and didn't elect the two tea party bozos who haven't a clue.

Been working on a lot of designs for my zazzle shop. Zazzle has been running a bit wonky of late, so it has been taking quite a bit of time to get things posted. But I am getting there. Will post some f the new designs later.

The experiment in gluten free continues. Got the library to order the Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef cook book to go with the other gluten free books we have. Can't wait to try some of the recipes. They have a pasta recipe that looks easy, tho I don't have any kind of pasta roller. So we'll see.At the very least I will give their cracker dough recipe a try since that is what they use for pizza dough.

November 13 is the day I go back on wheat and gluten so I can have enough exposure for the blood test. I'll contact my doc shortly thereafter to see about having that test added to my blood draw and then go from there.

Of course if I have a reaction to going back onto wheat, the blood test will be moot as I don't plan on being in that much discomfort for that long and I go gluten free permanently.

I have been informed by a arty friend of mine that I WILL be joining a local women's artists group, so need to contact them about details and meetings. She thinks my pics are good enough that I need to be in the group. So I guess I will get some prints done in the meantime and come up with a business card for my self.