Cold, icky Monday

So the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. We went to Lewiston/Clarkston to do some shopping and show some friends who are new to the area around.

Scored more Danish blue cheese at the Grocery Outlet, along with some Edam cheese. I'd told a friend about the blue cheese, so picked her up a couple of wedges while we were there.

Stocked up on corn tortillas at Costco and more sliced cheese and frozen boneless, skinless chicken thighs.

Had a nice day showing our friends around. Pity the weather hadn't been better. We'd hoped to take them down the Spiral Highway, but the fog was way too thick most of the way down, so we decided that it would be safer to stay on the new grade.

Dinner Sunday night was pretty easy. I sliced a roast thin with the slicer and cooked it up with a Mexican spice blend I have. The I did the tortillas on the griddle with cheese and added the beef. Mine I used the blue cheese and it was yummy.

Didn't get around to getting the pies ready. Will have to see about it later this week and this weekend. Need to start laying in gluten free flours and mixes. I was going to do the stuffing just regular, but I think I will see about making some GF breads to stuff the bird with. Since hubby loves his stuffing, I will look at a separate side of dressing so he can have his stuffing with turkey sandwiches the following week.

My mom and brother will be coming in next Monday for the week, so will have a few people for turkey day as we have a friend who is joining us also.