Oh YUM!!!!!

Gluten free of course:

falafel salad

Have to work on the recipe for the falafel tho, the patties kind of disintegrated in the oil while I was frying them. I think more rice flour (and look for brown rice flour) and use the electric griddle with a little olive oil on it to cook them next time. Have to see about making a big batch next time so I can have some for the freezer. Have to decide whether to freeze them cooked or uncooked.

They tasted yummy tho. I'd made some tzatziki and hubby had his in some honey wheat pita and I simply made a salad of mine, topped with avocado and tomatoes. Leftovers made a very yummy lunch.

Managed to get the Tigger kitty in the house the last two nights. Have to scoop him up off the porch after coaxing him up with food. He isn't really too happy about being in all night, lets us know in very loud and no uncertain terms LOL. We will have to work on getting him box trained, he used the bathroom carpet sometime in the wee hours of the morning.

He does know he has a hidey hole in the condo. He spent quite a bit of time in there last night before bed:

The Tig in his hidey hole

The other kitties aren't terribly happy either, but they pretty much leave him alone, except for the occasional "Remember, I am top kitty!" swat if they get close to him. Have to remind the kids who really IS the top kitties in the household LOL!