oh fribble and TOSH!!

Gotta go off wheat and gluten for a while. Spent most of this week in utter pain and misery whenever I've eaten anything mostly wheat (pizza, sandwiches). So I get to be creative with whatever I have in the cold boxes and pantries that don't have wheat. Good thing I don't mind coming up with new dishes for meals. Time to inventory the kitchen.

So lunch today is a nice big avocado and some leftover jasmine rice with butter (need to pick up another bag of jasmine rice, I am almost out).

Speaking of gluten free, discovered a wonderfully yummy Greek yogurt at Winco the other night. It is Zoi Greek yogurt and I am putting it on the regular shopping list. Talk about YUM!!!! and gluten free. I am still trying to grasp the concept of fat free Greek yogurt, so won't be buying those. The plain regular is tres delish on its own and when I had some with a packet of Truvia and a splash of vanilla in it I was in heaven. No need to buy the flavored ones, I'll just buy the quarts of plain and make my own flavored ones.

No big plans for the weekend, tho we hope to get out fishing at some point. Stocking up on fish will help with the wheat free dilemma for a while (got LOTS of trout recipes that don't use wheat hehehehehe) and give me some decent lunches if I work it right.