experiment time

So the gluten/wheat free journey continues. Been feeling a bit better and not sure if it is coincidence or not, but most of the really annoying minor joint aches and pains have disappeared.

Had a serious jonesing this last week for pasta, discovered Winco has brown rice elbow macaroni, so I did that with a nice meat sauce:

Brown rice elbow macaroni with meat sauce

Came out pretty good, need to work on cooking the macaroni properly.

Hubby really wanted pizza yesterday, so we picked up pizza makings and I got creative. For him we picked up some already made pizza dough. I made a nice sauce with tomato paste, garlic, Italian herbs and a bit of balsamic vinegar. Made his pizza with sliced white 'shrooms, sweet onion and black olives with cheese. For mine, I soften some corn tortillas in olive oil and then onto a cookie sheet and built my mini pizzas on those:



I will look for a gluten free version of pizza dough for the future.