ACK! Cold, wet and icky!

and I put the inserts into the windows yesterday. Still have to seal around them and make an insert for the little kitchen window. Normally I put plastic over it so I can still see out while I am doing the dishes, but with the predictions of a very cold winter and the window really leaking like a sieve (darn things is getting even more warped and not shutting snuggly), an insert it will have.

So Saturday we went down to Lewiston for some shopping. First thing we did was find a place for breakfast. We hit a new place called Matt's Grill. I think it used to be something else (Grandma's Old Town Cafe maybe? The address for that one is about right). But anyways:

Matt's Grill Lewiston ID

First thing once in the door was the waitress said to sit anywhere. So we found a spot and settled in and she asked if we wanted anything to drink. COFFEEE!!!!!!!! So next question was "creamer" Oh yes! Half and half or flavored. She mentioned chocolate, so OH YES!!!!!!

Matt's Grill Lewiston ID

Hubby got their special, corned beef hash, two eggs and toast:

Matt's Grill Lewiston ID

and I got the Italian 3 egg omelet with hash browns and toast (I gave hubby my toast):

Matt's Grill Lewiston ID

oh YUM!!!!! The omelet was nice and fluffy, the sauce was yummy. They didn't stint on the cheese and the hash browns were heavenly. Nice and crispy on the outside, fluffy and wonderful on the inside. Not greasy and a wonderful buttery flavor. Needless to say, we cleaned our plates.

Once nourished, it was shopping time. We wandered over to Clarkston and hit Bi-mart for a few things and then on to Costco. Picked up more minced garlic (can't live with out it), frozen boneless, skinless chicken thighs, yellow sliced cheese, corn tortillas, cat food and TP. Looked at a few other items, decided we could wait until next trip to pick them up.

Then back to Lewiston and Cash and Carry for a few things, then up the hill to Grocery Outlet. Scored a nice chunk of Danish Blue cheese and some sliced Tillamook sharp cheddar. Grabbed a few more things and then hit a couple of the thrift shops. Didn't find any clothes we liked, but we did pick up a Honeywell humidifier for $6. Hubby is trying to locate a manual for it, he'll contact the company. With luck he can get it up and running as we REALLY need to keep the air in the house humidified this winter. We got one of the little Vicks going last night and that helped, but it only does one room and the Honeywell should get the whole house with no problems.

Gassed up before heading home (with the 10 cent discount from Safeway we got it for about 20 cents less then in Moscow) and up the hill we went.

Saturday night was the Zombie Walk, so I dressed up Ms Ella and down to Friendship Square we went.

I opted to have a theatre student do my make up. She did a really good job:


Ms Ella looked pretty skookum:

Zombie Ella

A pretty decent turnout and lots of people had fun:



It was quite a bit of fun. Didn't do the whole walk around downtown. My knees were quite up for it after shopping, but it was a blast all the same.

Needless to say, Sunday was a day to sleep in. We didn't do too much. Popped out to hit the grocery store as hubby wanted Nachos Grande for dinner. Otherwise we just watched the race, get the inserts into the windows and generally be brain dead.