Exhausted, and I didn't do much this weekend.

Tho going to bed about midnight last night didn't help. Just wasn't ready for bed at the right time.

Got a bit of puttering about done this weekend. Saturday I finished priming the boat, so now I can either put on another primer coat or just go straight to the paint design I have finally decided on. I decided the snow leopard pattern was a lot more then I wanted to do, so I'll go with the black and orange tiger stripe I like. Probably won't get that done until next spring tho, but I WILL be using the pain spray to do it.

Got the deck pretty well cleaned up, put a few things up on the local freeexchange and have moved part of that. Anything not taken by the end of the week will go to one of the thrift shops.

Got the AC out of the bedroom yesterday and stored back in the shed. Had the neighbor help with that. Do have to get it better sealed when we put it back in next year, we did get a bit of rain thru it last week and the rug is still musty from the wet.

Didn't do much cooking this weekend, tho I have started going thru the freezers and trying to get things out and cooked and eaten that have been in there for a while. Found some bean soup I'd put up, so will have that for dinner sometime this week.

Re-connected with a cousin I haven't seen since the 70s. Funny thing was, my mom has either talked with him or emailed a couple times a year and she's never mentioned it. She does forward some Christmas letters on occasion from his sisters, so I knew some tings about them. Oh well, we have a nice chat on the phone yesterday and hopefully we'll "talk" more in the future.

So very sleepy and seriously jonesing for pizza. We are planning on it tonight, probably Papa Murphy's. Going for a stuffed variety, told hubby whatever he felt like as long as there was plenty LOL! Need to lay in a supply of pizza making stuff for the future.