My last 4 day week, then back to a full schedule. I am going to seriously try and enjoy my last 3 day weekend for a while.

No big plans tho. Still need to get started on painting the new boat. We sold the old boat last weekend, so no more tiger striped boat. It is going to a good home tho. I am still planning on trying for a snow leopard pattern for the new one. At the very least I want to get the primer coat on it.

My tallest corn plant (a whole 2.5 feet) has tasseled. The rest of the plants, which got no taller then a foot or so have also started to tassel. Not sure if I will be getting anything off any of them. We'll see. Talked it over with the person who gave me the seedlings and we are thinking they might not have liked the transplant. I'd layered in some compost at the beginning of the growing season, but it doesn't appear to have helped. I think next year I will see about starting my own seedlings AND try direct seeding to see which will work better.

Also going to see about making my own fish fertilizer from the leftover bits of any fish I catch. I'll see about saving all the leftover fish bits and stash them in the deep freeze for next year. I do have some catfish bits left from the big batch a friend had given me. I'd thawed it to get fillets for the formal dinner we did a while back and then I refroze what was left. I think that will be destined for the garden. I'm thinking a nice dollop of fish paste in each hole and then a corn seed or seedling ought to give them a good start.