Tigger update

Was able to check and Tigger is most definitely a boy. I don't know whether he is edited or not. That will have to be determined from a vet when we can get him in.

He is settling in nicely, tho I am still having to bring him in most of the time. He'll wander in if I have the front door open, but if I go to the door and open it he'll just sit and look at me. So I go out and scoop him up and bring him in.

Picked him up to cuddle a bit last night and found a big tick on his neck. He was a good boy and held still while I removed it. Still need to check him out more thoroughly to make sure he doesn't have any other nasty hitchhikers on him.

We've pretty much have decided he is either a dumped or abandoned kitty. Not even semi-feral. I don't think he knows how to hunt. We have such an abundance of seriously fat mice, there is no reason he should be this skinny. If he does know how to hunt, it may be he has injured his hindquarters enough to keep him from doing so. He does have a bit of a limp and occasionally walks quite stiffly.

Do need to see about getting some worming medication.

Had him on the bed for a little while last night. I put him up there and then laid down next to him and gave him serious pets and scritches. He fwopped onto his side and started purring. At one point he was looking uber cute and I was kicking myself for not having a camera. The hubby came in and started giving him his patented scritches and Tigger looked like he was in heaven. He even rolled over and let me scritch his tummy!

So I think he will settle in quite nicely once he figures out he landed on his feet in kitty cat spoiling heaven LOL!