Happy belated 4th of July

Been rather lazy this weekend, puttering a bit and cleaning. Did go out Saturday and pick up these:


Raised the colors yesterday:

Flag at home

As you can see, it was a bit breezy yesterday. Too breezy to set off the Roman candles, but we had fun with the rest of it. We had dinner with the neighbors and they and our other neighbors set off what we had and watched the ones people across town were firing off. Looks like those folks went to the reservation and got the really cool ones.

No still pics of the fireworks, I did get video of what we set off and looking across town. I did snap an accidental pic when I was recording. My camera had slipped to picture mode and I snapped this:


Tweaked the colors a bit to make the blue more intense. Really neat effect.

So the stray kitty project is coming along. I've decided his name is Tigger. Still not too sure if he is a he or she, but I am going with he for the time being. So here is Tigger:

The new kitty

I've started feeding him a bit of canned food when he shows up, he is just way to skinny. I can pick him up for a short period of time and he loves pets and I have gotten some purring out of him. While I am home and the weather is decent enough I am leaving the front door and screen door open so he can come in and eat in the kitchen. Otherwise I have his bowl and water out on the porch. So far the other kitties are fine with the arraignment (except Scrapper who is NOT happy he isn't getting canned food all the time LOL).

Picked up propane, so Saturday I grilled some boneless pork I marinaded and made some caramelized sweet onions. Got some rolls from Safeway and made sandwiches. Very yummy. I have a chicken thawing and either today or tomorrow will make beer can chicken on the grill.

Was given more conr seedlings last week, so those are now inthe ground:

Corn seedlings

Can't wait for nice fresh sweet corn.

Tigger just came in, time to give him his food.