Okay, I gotta say it...

I like driving an automatic.


After so many years of driving a standard, which I much prefer, I have to admit that an automatic is nice. The knees are in a lot less pain when I get out of the van and I don't worry that I am forgetting to start up in 1st gear (I occasionally forget to shift into 1st when I stop at lights and such and the Forester really doesn't like starting up in 2nd). Also having more room to stretch out my legs when I am the passenger is really, really nice.

The work on the van is coming along. New air filter, oil change and as soon as hubby get the right tools, new spark plugs. We'll swap out the two rear bucket seats for the 3rd row bench and stash the seats the shed.

Still puttering along with the house. Need to get some nice white paint for the trim and porch. Also need to finish snow coating the roof. We are looking at snow coating the porch roof also, should help with the heat and seal any leaks between the panels. Hopefully the weather gets nice again since I really do need to finish painting the rest of the outside.

Successfully made my first sausage gravy last night. We'd picked up some bulk sausage this last weekend. I made little patties, broke out the butane cooker since my stove is cranky again and not working on the low settings. I used Alton Brown's Sawmill Gravy recipe, sans crumbled sausage. Turned out very yummy poured over the sausage patties I had topping some potato patties. Was considering a couple of eggs, sunny side up, but decided what I had was enough.

Sunday I did a 7 blade roast, that made dinner for Sunday and Monday. Monday I cut it up, sauteed some 'shrooms, added the meat with the leftover juice from cooking on Sunday, then let it all simmer and added sour cream and served over buttered egg noodles. Made enough for lunch yesterday and still have some leftover for lunch tomorrow (did cheddar dogs for lunch today). Not sure what I will be doing for dinner tonight, something with chicken I think.