ACK! Dentist!

So I FINALLY go to the dentist, haven't been to one in years. Not since I broke a tooth, had an emergency crown put on by an on-call dentist and when I called my regular dentist at the time to get a permanent crown, the office manager stated we had to pay the entire amount upfront! We have dental insurance, we pay the co-pay, they bill the insurance and then we pay what the insurance didn't. Nope, we had to pay the whole thing or no crown. So I say to heck with her, wore out the temp crown and have been fine ever since.

Fast forward to earlier this month when I lost a tooth. It had gotten loose, but settled back in. Out it came one day. Told hubby after work, he got upset I hadn't called the dentist and gone right in (never mind I did not have a dentist at this point). Besides, I very much doubt anything could have been done as it popped out with next to no pain and pretty much no blood. I don't think anything really was holding it in. Hubby insisted I make an appointment with his dentist(of course hubby needs to practice what he preaches LOL)).

Didn't see much of the dentist as this is the first visit. The hygienist is nice. Not judgmental at all. Took xrays, poked into my gums to do measurements and did some polishing. Verdict, I got medium periodontal disease and bone loss (one poor tooth in the xray looks like it is holding on with its toes). So she started work on a couple of teeth while we were waiting for the dentist and I have appointments for the next couple of weeks to start.

The dentist is nice. He checked out my teeth, made note of a couple teeny, tiny cavities and the lack of the crown. I mentioned the history of that and he said I can get a crown whenever I want and no pressure. He's got a great reputation on not pressuring people into procedures they don't want. I also really like that I didn't get lectured.

Got a cool tool you put a round tooth pick in to help clean teeth. Got lots of tooth picks at home, so will have this handy next to my chair at home.

I love that we finally have summer, I just wish it hadn't gotten so hot so fast. I just can't deal with the heat like I used to and poor hubby is even worse when it comes to heat. Kitties are very happy tho, the back window is now open for them to get in and out. I do need to see about getting some AC units installed soon.

Had a very nice weekend nonetheless. Friday we finished loading up the utility trailer and hauled a lot of metal and wood out to the dump. Got some recycling done while hubby got a hair cut. Pulled the rest of the seats out of the van and got them bagged and stored for the time being and checked out the air mattress in the back of the van for fit. We have camper!

Drove to Coeur d'Alene to do a bit of shopping and visit with friends. Finally got the check out the food at Sonic. Hit the one in Post Falls. Tried out the Super Sonic cheese burger with tater tots and iced tea:



Seriously yummy and quite filling. We'd tried their shakes at a Sonic in the Portland area a few months back, so had been wanting to try their food. Well worth the trip over to Post Falls.

Finally found a new GPS unit that we can use. The Garmin V we have is no longer supported and we can't get updates for maps and such. It will still be useful for geocaching tho. The new one also lets us input latitude and longitude, so that will get us tot he area we want and the the Garmin will get us to the cache.

Had a nice visit with our friends. Planned on staying over night, but they had family issues come up, so we headed home. Stopped at Shari's in CDA to take advantage of their wifi and a late night (or very early morning) dinner. Anyplace I can get blue cheese on my burger is a good place LOL!

Got home about 4am and crawled into bed for a few hours. Got up and pretty much puttered lightly for the day. Was too hot to do much. Did Super China for lunch and then home for a nap. Too hot to cook, so dinner was brie with crackers and some very yummy black grapes we got at Safeway. Have to stop and pick up more.

Watched the race. YAY Jimmy, tho I would have much preferred a YAY Jeff!. Glad Jr is doing so much better, now he just needs to get into the top 12 for the Chase.

Since it was a nice clear night last night, I hauled the telescope outside, to discover that the moon was still down low. Wandered around the yard until it was up high enough, but between my bad eyes (have to take my glasses off to see thru the eye piece) and the lenses needing serious cleaning, didn't see much in detail. So we need to do a bit more work on the telescope so we can use it.