Started my Friday's off for the summer this last Friday. Planned on sleeping in on Friday, but hubby got up about 8am, so I ended up up also.

Did a bit of puttering about, working on getting the living room into order. Got quite a bit done, then took a nap.


Drove down to Lewiston for dinner. Turns out the Timber Creek Grill Buffet took over the old Home Town Buffet place. We'd been to the Spokane Timber Creek last year and quite liked it. The one is Lewiston is smaller, not as big a selection. It was seafood night, breaded fried scallops (they weren't too bad), fried clams, calamari, clam chowder. No shrimp or crab legs, which was a disappointment. They did have steak, got a piece that was perfectly rare and quite tasty. Also a nice bit of fried catfish. For dessert I got a couple pieces of fudge and some hot fudge cake. The hot fudge cake was seriously rich and I couldn't finish it. Hubby had a couple bites of mine and he couldn't finish it.


a little of everything

Perfectly rare

Hot fudge cake and fudge

While not up to what the Spokane restaurant offers, it was pretty decent and it will give a different buffet to hit while down there when we aren't in the mood for all you can eat Chinese.

Saturday was a putter about day. Decided that having the book case under the living room window that opened wasn't a good idea as the books on the top made getting the window open a problem. So I moved it over. Good timing too, as someone on the local free exchange list was offering a recliner and we scored it. A very nice recliner, Lazy Boy, in blue corduroy and gives us a real chair for people to sit on other then the metal folding chair we had there instead since we'd turned the futon into an entertainment center. It is nice to be able to put one's feet up.

I think I took a nap on Saturday, can't remember now LOL.

Sunday I made french toast and bacon for a late breakfast. I like to add some pumpkin pie spice and vanilla extract to the egg mixture. Comes out pretty tasty. Decided I wanted chicken for dinner, so pull a whole chicken from the freezer and set to thawing it.

Took a nap on Sunday, so very, very nice.

Decided to do beer can chicken, so opened a can of O'Doul's near beer since any other real beer we have in the house is very suspect. The O'Doul's was okay, tho not great for drinking, but okay for cooking. I rubbed garlic and herb Old Bay on the chicken, rubbed some garlic seasoning under the breast skin. Cut a couple slices into the back skin and then poured out half the can of the O'Doul's and inserted the can into the chicken. Set it in a shallow roasting pan and roasted it at about 340F until the chicken almost was to temp. Pulled it to rest, then had hubby help remove the beer can and then cut and served it with some Alfredo noodle stuff. Quite yummy and have half a chicken left to make dinner tonight.

I think I am going to do more vertically cooked chicken, so will be on the lookout for a Norpro Stainless Steel Vertical Roaster. This was highly recommended by America's Test Kitchen and will be nice to use on the bbq, at least the charcoal grill, tho I may have to remove the top rack in the gas grill to get to work there. I need to get the propane tanks filled up for the season as I plan on doing a lot of the cooking out on the deck since the kitchen get too hot to cook during the summer.