30 YEARS?!?!?!?! Whoa!

30 years today I was in Spokane at my grandparents waiting to fly home to California the next day. I had just gotten out of school and was looking forward to a nice summer.

Mid-afternoon we saw the across the street neighbor and his family scurrying to put blankets and tarps over thir cars. I wandered over to find out what was up and they said Mount St Helens had blown and the ash cloud was on its way. They didn't know if the ash would be detrimental to auto paint, so they were covering up the cars.

I popped back, told the grandparents and they turned on the TV to hear the emergency broadcast signal sounding. I grabbed blankets and covered up their car just in case and we sat back to watch the dark clouds roll over Spokane.

It was very eerie when the ash cloud arrived, it got very dark and then the ash started to fall. I still have a bottle of the first ash fall floating around the house somewhere. I collected a big bag full to take with me to California.

At one point I ventured outside. I donned long sleeves, long pants, a hat and a bandanna. I snapped of a lot of pics (have to find them and get them scanned in for posterity) and was amazed at how quiet it all was.

I wish I can find the pic my grandmother took of me int hat outfit and so covered in ash I was gray.