Had fun watching the Boomershoot and taking Ms Ella around. She got a lot of smiles and I chatted with a number of people about her. It was a great day and the weather was wonderful.

We didn't make the CommUNITY Walk on Saturday as planned, as the wind had kicked up enough to make the wind chill miserable for me and every joint started hurting and the last thing I wanted to do was get sick. So we sat it out. NEXT year we'll get there.

So Saturday was a putter about and rest day. Watched TV and swapped out the DVR for the new one Dish sent. HOPEFULLY we won't have the recording problems with this one as we had with the last. The other one kept puking when we tried to manually record the races and we ended up missing two of them GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Still processing video from the shoot. I did get the vid for the Boomershoot Blogger day done:

Got the pics done for Boomershoot, here is the slide show:

Thanks again to Ry, who let me shoot his .50 cal:

Got to shoot this!

It was GREAT! I'd had a chance to shoot one a number of years ago at a machine gun shoot, but since I'd only been shooting a short while at that point and the largest caliber was .357, it scared me silly to even try. Esp after watching other people shoot it. Now I've shot lots and it wasn't so bad. No still pics of me shooting it, hubby was handling the camcorder, so I'll get that video edited later. But here is the brass I got to keep:

.50 cal brass

And the owie I got when I bit myself on the recoil:


A bit of an owie, but ooooohhhhhhhhh was it so worth it!!!!!!

I have GOT to figure out how to participate next year. I have my M1 Garand and a scope. We would just need to figure out a shooting table and mount and then learn how to shoot targets that are far away. If I could hit just one target that far away, I would be a very happy camper!