Seriously happy tummy

Had lunch at VJ's BBQ. Hubby is home not feeling good and said I didn't have to come home, so I went out for lunch. Was originally going to go to Taco Time, but then I saw VJ's special for today on their Facebook page and that decided it.

Had 1/4 lb of brisket and a Cajun sausage link smothered in sauce and a bag of Tim's Sea Salt & Vinegar chips and a really tasty bottle of sweet tea made with sugar. Been a while since I've had spicy food like that, so my tummy is a little upset but still happy and the taste buds are ecstatic LOL! I don't get to eat there as often as I like since the sauce is way to spicy for hubby.

I did get pics, but realized that bringing the minimum stuff with me to work this morning since I didn't feel like humping 2 liters of water and my back pack up from the parking lot meant I left my back pack at home with the USB cable I need to download my camera. So I'll have to wait until later to do so.

Got a chance to meet a local blogger, Laurel from Politics, Guns & Beer and her daughter who is an absolute cutie. Ran into another person I know and hadn't seen in a while. It is a nice place to hang out (esp with the smoker going outside, it smells simply heavenly hehehehehehe!).

Still looking forward to the Boomershoot and I'll be going to the blogger/media day they are having. Planning on LOTS of pics (reminder, take laptop so I can download periodically) and hopefully plenty of video.

Weather is simply gorgeous today. When hubby said in the wee hours of the morning that I would need to take the car, I figured the weather would be rain, wind and tempest. Needless to say, when I saw sunshine this morning out the window and very few clouds I was very, very happy.