One more day please!

Really could use another day of weekend to slouch around. Didn't get a whole heck of a lot done this weekend, tho the weather turned out to be not half bad. If we'd have the energy we would have gone fishing.

My neighbor gave me some red potato seed potatoes yesterday. I'll get them cut up in the next day or two and then let them air out a day or so and then I can set up my first potato bin. I need to lay my hands on some more bins as I want to get several other varieties of potatoes going. Fiddler's Ridge has some I can get, Yukon golds for sure. I do want to lay my hands on some purple potatoes as those are very yummy and a cool color.

I'm going to get my rain barrel set up this week. We've rainy weather and the lows are only in the upper 30s. I was looking at putting it up on a platform high enough so I could get decent flow for watering any containers I've either hung or have one shelves. But hubby found a nice little drill powered pump thru Harbor Freight that we are going to order (unless we happen to go up to Spokane and hit the store sometime soon), so that will help me a lot when it comes to watering my garden this year.

FINALLY going to get to go to the Boomershoot! Been wanting to go for a couple of years now (would love to go participate one of these years) and this year I'm not obligated anywhere else that weekend (except the Moscow CommUNITY Walk, but just means I will have a busy weekend taking lots of pictures of Ms Ella out and about and having fun).

Can't wait to meet a number of folk I only know from on line, like Oleg Volk, whose posters I like to feature in my side bar. Along with a few bloggers I read on a regular basis, at least several who are local that I haven't had a chance to meet in real life yet.

As mentioned, Ms Ella will be busy that weekend. She has a standing invite to the CommUNITY Walk and since we didn't go last year due to health and weather we need to go. I have a nice new cart for her and all my camera stuff that I will be sprucing up for the occasion.

For the Boomershoot I hope to get some pics of her giving it a try and with luck, pics with a number of folk.

Been watching a lot of Holmes on Homes this weekend. Love the show and I seriously want to hire Mike Holmes if we ever have a house built! He has a new series out that we don't get yet, Homes Inspections, but saw an episode on HOH where he inspected a home that the owners had inspected previously and Mike found all sorts of problems that the inspector either ignored or was an idiot and didn't notice.

Didn't do much cooking this weekend, we ended up doing a lot of cold cuts, bread and cheese, tho I did make up some chicken fingers on Saturday to nosh while watching the race. Hubby was mentioning Chicken McNuggets, but I looked up a clone recipe and that is just way too much effort. Mine taste better

Speaking of the race, stupid recording stopped with 18 laps to go. Not sure what happened. We started with an auto-record and then stopped it to do a manual record. At some point it stopped. Not sure if someone or somekitty stepped on the remote (in which case it usually pops up a message asking if you really want to stop recording) or the manual record just didn't get set right and it was on auto "end at end of program", in which case the race had run long. The system USED to have a function that if a sporting even was going to run long, the system would recognize it and add extra time when it got to one point. But Dish seems to have dropped that and it is annoying. Had to watch the last couple of laps on the computer. Bummer Jeff didn't win again, but at least he is getting close! We'll make sure the next race is set up to record properly.