Getting a little tired of the cold, rain and snow. Rain wouldn't be so bad if it were warmer.

I think I will use this template for my blog for a while, it is a nice Springy one and hopefully that will give the weather a clue to bring Spring back.

Looks like I may have to seed my garden again, I was checking yesterday and not much is growing, tho I think I had some greens starting to make an appearance. If it is nice enough and not too wet this weekend I will do just that. I think I will see about getting my rain barrel set up, I do want to try and put it up higher so I get better flow for watering some of my containers when I get them set up.

Baked a ham yesterday, Winco had them for 98 cents a pound. I am a bit miffed tho. You used to get a ham with a lot of rind on it. It was great for cutting off and chopping into smaller pieces and baking separately and making cracklins out of it. Now there is barely any left on. I had to dig thru the whole bin at the store to find one with a decent amount of rind on it. GRRRRRR!!!!!!!

But it did turn out nicely. I poured a can of Shasta lemonade over it and sprinkled it with Old Bay garlic and herb seasoning. Quite yummy. So now I have a lot of ham and a nice ham bone to make soup with later.

Speaking of soup, I did pull out some split pea soup I had in the deep freeze and heated it up on Saturday. I put it in the little slow cooker and simmered it for a few hours and added a bit more seasoning and Worcestershire sauce. I pulled out the bread machine and made a loaf of egg bread to go with it.

The bread was quite tasty, tho some how it got set for "french" bread, instead of basic white, so the crust was a bit thicker and crunchier then I'd planned. Have to keep an eye on that next time I do that to make sure it doesn't change settings when I start it.

So split pea soup and fresh egg bread with honey butter made for a very nice dinner on a very cold and icky day.

So all in all a nice weekend if I ignored the weather LOL. Sunday got a call from the neighbor on of my kitties had caught a bird. Opened the front door to find it was Scrapper. I wouldn't let him in as he wanted to bring it in. I grabbed him by the back of the neck so I could wrest the bird from him and he let go and the bird took off. Not sure what kind it was, it had striped wings, but I wasn't able to see much of it as it was fast. Needless to say, Scrapper was a bit miffed with me for making him let go his Easter dinner LOL. So glad I had fair warning about the bird, would NOT have wanted him to bring it in. Esp since Rum Tum was int he house and would have LOVED to have joined in the chase if the bird had gotten lose.