Cold and snowy one tho, really didn't want to crawl out from under the covers. Supposed to be nice tomorrow, so we'll see if I can get anything done outside.

We've the Minion tonight, he will stay at our place, his brother will be over at other friends so their parents can have an evening to themselves. The plan had been for the weekend, but things got changed and the Minion has other things this weekend. Bummer, I had plans to use him for some manual labor, not too mention go up on the roof and help with the stove pipe.

Need to go thru my photos, seems the local hospital is looking for works from local artists and photographers, so I will see what I have that showcases the local area and submit them. There is money involved, so I will have fingers crossed I will have something they like I can print, matte and frame and then have displayed for all to see and get paid for it LOL. My friend who told me about it will be getting me the details later.

Sunday is looking icky, so I think that will a good day to do more design work now that my machine is fixed and I have the latest version of Inkscape, which I haven't really had a chance to play with. I've been seriously itching to play with my graphics tablet of late.