Or almost. It was SOOOOOOO nice this weekend I did get out to put some seeds in the ground. I'd picked up some seeds for half price when we were at Bi-Mart in Clarkston on Saturday. Broccoli, Italian salad mix and carrots. I had some more broccoli seeds and spinach seeds at home from previous years.

So yesterday I got out. I decided on a couple short rows for each since I am a bit early, but if they don't grow, I have the space ready for later and was planning on seeding some more anyways so I have LOTS of early greens when it is the right time.

Time to plant!

Hoed and raked the space I wanted to use and then tossed on some nice compost from my compost pile and worked that in.

ready for planting

Did 2 rows of each, except for the carrots, they got one row as I'd run out of space and I didn't want to over do it to make more space. I'll do that a little later when the weather gets nicer again.

All the seeds in their little rows


Spinach seeds in the ground

Speaking of my compost pile, this is the average sized earthworm I've got in there. Every fork full of compost I took out was filled with the critters. Must be doing something right to have so many fat, sassy worms!


So Saturday we went down to Lewiston/Clarkston for some shopping. Picked up a couple Tasco telescopes at Sid's Pawnshop for cheap. We'll clean them up, find a replacement eye piece for one (it had gotten stolen off the telescope by some twit while it was in the store, hence we got the pair cheap) and then have some fun stargazing (hmmmmmm, just had a thought, wonder if I can rig my little point and shoot so I can snap some pics thru the telescopes).

Picked up a few things we needed at Coscto, gassed up at Safeway in Lewiston and then headed back up the hill. We skipped the cheese shop as we needed to really watch the budget after splurging on the telescopes.

Sunday was a kick back and relax day and go see Alice in Wonderland in 3D LOL We'd gotten tickets online on Saturday, we'd considered going on Saturday, but decided that would result in a time crunch and we didn't want to be rushed in Lewiston. So Sunday matinee it was.


Both the hubby and I were blown away. I had a little problem at the start with the 3D, I don't do it real well, my eyes kept trying to flatten the screen and I did have a slight headache afterwards, but Tim Burton came thru once again with a WONDERFUL movie that stayed true to the flavor of the original source material. The special effects enhanced the plot, as opposed to other recent movies where the special effects was all and what plot. Johnny Depp was great as usual, Helena Bonham Carter was simply delicious as the Red Queen and I want to see Mia Wasikowska in more roles, she made a great Alice. The rest of the cast were great also. It is going in our permanent DVD when it comes out.

Hubby got a hankering for salad after I planted the seeds, so we hit Winco on the way home and picked up salad fixin's, a couple loaves of french bread and some Parmesan cheese and another buffet ham. I also grabbed me a nice ripe avocado. I made some cheesy garlic bread and we some nice salads with ham, cheese and in my case, avocado. We've plenty of garlic bread left over, so I will make some lasagna hamburger helper stuff and with the bread and a side salad, have a yummy and quick dinner tonight.

Watched the race. I should have said I'd rather see a controversial finish instead of an exciting finish. Exciting finishes like that I can do with out. When Brad Keselowski's car went tumbling like that my heart stopped. As much as I like Carl Edwards, he was being a complete and utter ass and I do hope NASCAR parks him for a while. That was COMPLETELY uncalled for!