Race got rained out yesterday, so it re-ran today.

Forgot to set up the DVR before we left the house.


Well, hubby will be home in a few and will record what is left. Sad thing is I popped over to FOX for a few minutes before leaving the house, then changed back to music thinking I would pop back and then start recording right before we left.

Totally brain dead. Grabbed the remote and turned everything off and walked out the door.

So it was a very nice weekend, tho I got pulled over Friday night after picking up the Minion. Nothing really bad, the right front headlight had just gone out. The bad thing was I couldn't find the proof of insurance I knew we'd gotten in the mail. So I got a citation and the officer said if we walked into the court house ASAP with it and proof of insurance then it would go away. So hubby went in this morning and all gone!

Of course we found the insurance card in the car the next day. On the floor of the passenger side front still in the envelope it came in.


Also found another one in the envelope it came in in the house.


Needless to say, I needed a serious drink when I got home. Waited until after I got dinner cooked and served then dove into the rum for a couple of stiff rum and cherry colas.

Had a nice visit with the Minion, tho poor hubby was dealing with a migraine, so I introduced the Minion to Top Gear. We've got season 10 on streaming on Netflix, so we watched a couple episodes. I just wish they would put the earlier seasons on instant play.

The Minion got picked up by his folks earlier then we thought, so I wasn't able to have him help out around the house. Oh well, have to see about borrowing him at a future date.

Saturday night we spent with friends, dinner, funny movies and I beat D at the movie trivia game no one else ever beats him at LOL! There is a reason I'm not allowed to play Trivia Pursuit with my friends anymore hehehehehehe. We'd planned on an early night, but time flies when you are having a good time chatting, reciting the lines from the movies (Blazing Saddles & Spaceballs) and didn't get home until well after midnight. But is was a nice evening and since I wasn't driving, got to drink beer hehehehehehe.

Sunday was a bit of a low energy day, gray and overcast didn't help any. Managed to get some puttering done, made homemade baking soda biscuits using a recipe from my 1950s Betty Crocker cookbook. They were tasty, but I need to triple up the recipe for thicker biscuits and use buttermilk instead of regular milk to make them tastier. Bisquick has me spoiled. Served them with butter and grape jelly and then I cooked up some bacon. If I had been less brain dead I would have done the bacon while the biscuits were baking. Have to see about doing the bacon first next time and make cheese and bacon biscuits.

Ended up taking a nap, got up and puttered some more and contemplated another nap, then realized it was 77F in the house! So I turned the central air on to just fan and opened up the front door to cool the place off. Was able to perk up a bit after that.

Managed to get reasonably caught up on laundry and dishes this weekend. Got more of the living room decluttered and hubby got a bunch done in his office, I can actually see floor. As soon as I can access the closet, we can get the panel over the bathtub plumbing put back on and I can get the stuff from the closet put back in and get that all out of the way.

Been having fun with the new templates for Blogger, can't wait until we can use our own images for it. Tweaking things around a lot, I think I finally have the side bars about where I want them. I do like the pages thing with the tabs up top for home and about me. Not sure what else I would put there, I've been thinking all my store stuff, but I'm not sure if that will affect my traffic and possibly make it drop off if I take that stuff off the front page. We'll see.