New do!!!!!!!

So off I went Saturday morning and got my hair whacked off. Hubby found a couple pics of nice hairstyles, so I showed the one I liked best to the stylist and asked for it, tho I wanted it a bit shorter. Still didn't go as short as I have been threatening, but it is short enough for now, I can go shorter this summer:




Doesn't look as good as it did Saturday before I walked out of the salon. I should have snapped off a few pics there. I will need to practice getting it to look right, but in the meantime, it is still darned cute!

Pretty much puttered this weekend. Did up chicken strips again for Saturday dinner, this time I got a pic:


I seasoned the flour with Ranch dressing mix and the served with Ranch and honey mustard dressing.

Saturday we backed up my computer and Sunday I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10. A very successful upgrade, but now it is telling me I am having hard drive problems, which hubby suspected anyways since it is making not good noises. So he will see about swapping in a new hard drive.

One really nice thing is when the upgrade came thru, so did the upgrade for Inkscape 0.47, which I'd been wanting since it came out, but never showed up in the listing for new stuff for Linux and hubby was not about to attempt to compile it and install it himself. So it was worth the wait for the new Ubuntu.

Sales at Purple Ducky Designs are ticking along nicely, my latest sale today is a poster:

This is my 2nd poster I've sold, I usually sell mouse pads, mugs, buttons, postcards and the odd t-shirt or two. I do need to do more photos now that spring is coming so I can get more posters done. I've got some from Spring Valley a couple weeks back, just got to finish tweaking things, but I want to get more "spring is coming" type photos.