Friday! And it looks to be a nice weekend and Spring Valley has thawed!

Need to get my fishing license and tag the boat and trailer. Fresh fish for dinner sounds seriously yummy............

Okay, went and got my license at lunch. Hubby called and said he was coming to get me, of course I was already settled in with a couple of very messy toasted ham and cheese sammies, so I packed up and met him out back. Trying to eat messy toasted ham and cheese sammies on the run is not the easiest thing to do, add getting esophageal spasms to the mix and I've had more enjoyable lunches.

Partway thru the whole procedure hubby realized we could have done this tomorrow. Oh well, I'm licensed so I am good to go. Hubby is getting the boat and trailer tagged this afternoon so if things are looking up, fishing here we come.

Really need to start taking pictures again, esp of the cats. Not too mention more out and about the area shots so I can do up more calenders for my shop. I am also thinking about doing up a number of 4X6 prints I could see if some friends who have a table at one of the local farmer's markets could flog for me. I do need to renew my pro Flickr account, let is lapse a couple months back and I am ancy to get it back. There are times I really need to find something I posted there and having to find it the long way going thru my blog (if I posted it there) takes time.

Here is something fun to leave you all with. Came across this the other day looking for something else and just giggled maniacally: